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Design webpages quickly in Sketch using a flexible, organized system that’s based on the template Focus Lab uses for UX/UI work. With this pre-designed but completely customizable template, you can change text styles and colors easily from a single place to apply automatically throughout the entire design structure.

  • Sketch Version: Created with Sketch 46 and newer

  • Detailed Text Styles are set up: h1 through h6, button, paragraph, and blockquote styles for a total 165 Text Styles

  • Color Palette set up as Layer Styles for quickly updating your document

  • Includes an example UI Kit

  • Button symbols

  • Wordmark and Logo symbols

  • Checkbox and Radio symbols

  • Input and Select symbols

  • Symbols are resizable

  • Includes examples of how to set up icons

  • You are buying the design system, not the brand or UI elements in the system

  • Uses Avenir font, which comes on all Macs

  • Includes instructional video


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  • Page
  • Sketch2
  • Hero
  • Sketch Button
  • Sketch Symbols
  • Sidecar Sketch 002
  • Sketch5
  • Sketch3

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