Sketch Sitemapping User Flow Template

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Design desktop sitemaps and user flows quickly in Sketch using our flexible template. Choose from over 65 desktop layouts and page templates that will keep your sitemaps looking fresh. Connect your pages using pre-made arrows, and make it your own with annotations, descriptions, and labels. With this pre-designed but completely customizable template, you can change text styles and colors easily from a single place to apply automatically throughout the entire file.

  • Sketch Version: Created with Sketch 46 and newer

    • Instructional page walking through how to use the file

    • Premade Color Palette

    • Layer styles for arrows, pages, and annotations

    • Text styles for documenting your desktop sitemaps

    • 65+ pre-made layouts

    • 48 pre-made arrows

    • Symbols for annotating and labeling your desktop sitemaps

    • Desktop sitemap example

  • Instructional Video


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  • Sidecar Sketch Sitemapping 2
  • Start Here — Product Page Just To Show That We Have It
  • Sitemap 1 — Context Shot In Monitor 1
  • Sitemap 3 — Angled Photo To See The List Of Pages
  • Sidecar Sketch Sitemapping 3
  • Styles Color — This Is Lame
  • Symbols Pages 1 — Angled Shot Of The Pages
  • Symbols Full — Product Page Just To Show Everything Included 1

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