Sketch Sitemapping User Flow Template

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Design sitemaps and user flows quickly in Sketch using a flexible template. Choose from over 65 layouts and page templates that will keep your sitemaps looking fresh. Connect your pages using pre-made arrows, and make it your own with annotations, descriptions, and labels. With this pre-designed but completely customizable template, you can change text styles and colors easily from a single place to apply automatically throughout the entire file.

  • Sketch File

    • Instructional page walking through how to use the file

    • Premade Color Palette

    • Layer styles for arrows, pages and annotations

    • Text styles for documenting your sitemaps

    • 65+ pre-made layouts

    • 48 pre-made arrows

    • Symbols for annotating and labeling your sitemaps

    • Sitemap example

  • Instructional Video


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  • Sidecar Sketch Sitemapping 2
  • Start Here — Product Page Just To Show That We Have It
  • Sitemap 1 — Context Shot In Monitor 1
  • Sitemap 3 — Angled Photo To See The List Of Pages
  • Sidecar Sketch Sitemapping 3
  • Styles Color — This Is Lame
  • Symbols Pages 1 — Angled Shot Of The Pages
  • Symbols Full — Product Page Just To Show Everything Included 1

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