Built WithPurpose & Passion

Simple & Focused

Simple & Focused

So what's this all about?

There's a saying, “None of us is as smart as all of us.” It's a swift reminder that we are never alone or in a silo. Sidecar is about that very premise: leveraging community insights, experience, wisdom, and talent to achieve greater things through design. It's a learning resource and marketplace for design tools built for designers by designers.

Sidecar applies industry experience, best practice takeaways, design and strategy methodology, and digital assets in service to the design community.

Purdy Stuff

The Purdy Stuff

Crafting quality assets for people just like us.

Two things have been rapidly evolving over the past decade. First, the appreciation for and respect of effective design in digital interactions. Second, the pace at which many companies desire to make change. Sidecar isn't just about teaching, but also about doing. Our digital store provides assets that help speed along the design process for a variety of needs.

From icon sets to presentation guides to photography templates and more—we provide versatile, high-quality, customizable design assets to increase effectiveness and efficiency without looking like your typical stock photo or design product.

Your New Reading Glasses

Your New Reading Glasses

Sharing knowledge and creating content that matters.

Knowledge is a beautiful thing. Keeping it to oneself does little for the greater good. Through our years in our craft and our business we've learned a lot. We have distilled those things down into easy-to-digest content that teaches, motivates, and challenges our fellow designers. Our ultimate aim is to create an environment where you can look over the shoulder of experienced designers, learning to be more effective, efficient, and creative in your craft.


No Messy Legal Stuff

Hassle-free Licensing

There's only one rule here: you can't sell our work as your own. But as far as using our products to showcase your work and your projects, have at it. No need to worry about the fine print. We want to make this as easy as possible for you to lock and load.

Purpose Over Profits

The Price is Right

We endeavor to deliver tremendous value with each product offering. Value that then gets passed along to your client or end product. We're here to help you design forward, with prices that don't break the bank. Seriously, in short order, this stuff will pay for itself.

Making a Stronger Tomorrow

Making a Stronger Tomorrow

Be part of something bigger.

5% of all Sidecar profits will be donated to art school programs in Savannah, Georgia, our hometown. So, every purchase you make goes to help a budding creative.

Who's Driving

Brought to you from your friends at Focus Lab.

We’ve been in the business for awhile, but we started right where you are. We’re putting to use all the best practices and asset needs we’ve picked up along our journey. And we’re infusing in Sidecar the same passion and creative spirit that we employ at Focus Lab. We hope that somehow, someway, our experience can help in your journey as a designer as well.

A Proven Background