Alicja Colon

Standards: Quality over Quantity


My daughters have this epic three-story handmade wooden doll house. Made by my father, it’s an heirloom mainstay. Presently, however, they are using it as a bookshelf. Housing their school project junk of glitter typhoons in Dasani water bottles, pom-pom snowflakes, and last year’s homework, it’s not a far-fetched idea that stuff would become lost. Queue tears of my oldest; she couldn’t find her beloved earrings.

“In the sea of junk something of worth was lost.”

Out of my kid’s conundrum and into our agency: what is lost if we have too many concurrent projects? During the high tide of deliverables, precious ingenious solutions could drown. Our health is told to walk the plank. Opportunity to learn is washed away. Stress becomes the captain driving the boat.

At Focus Lab we live by a set of Core Standards, one of which is Quality over Quantity. We concentrate our time and talent on fewer projects/clients. Yes, it’s a larger investment on our part—we don’t make the money we could, or when booked we don’t take on projects we’ve lusted over. We stay focused on the long game, where we feel treasure truly lies.

Quality over Quantity is the cornerstone of our Core Standards. Without this prioritization we couldn’t Work to Live, maintain People over Profits, or Make it Better. We’re able to Never Stop Learning and Ask More Questions because we have time. These are general benefits that impact the agency as a whole, but it’s full majesty is seen within our teammates.

“My family life is better than it was before.” This is a common phrase we hear from new members after a few months of working with us. We’ve seen other teammates create a slew of personal projects in their off time, as they aren’t in the office grinding to meet over-promised deadlines. Others have been able to relish in major life change without work fallout (congrats Mrs. Summer Hitch!). Lastly, everyone enjoys being at work. Sure the projects aren’t easy but they’re manageable because we care about Quality over Quantity.

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