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Sidecar Gives to Urban Hope

Here at Sidecar, we love making and selling products for the design community. But what we love even more is giving back – both to the design community and our local communities.

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If you purchased a Sidecar product in the last year, you helped make a difference in a child’s life. This year we partnered with Urban Hope Savannah. They offer after-school and summer programs that provide a safe, positive environment for inner-city children. Urban Hope reaches over 130 children, serves over 13,925 meals, and engages with 850 hours of activity.

“Be part of something bigger. 5% of all Sidecar profits will be donated to art school programs in Savannah, Georgia, our hometown. So, every purchase you make goes to help a budding creative.”

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Urban Hope picks each child up from school every day, takes them to the after-care program, then takes them home. We stopped by to meet the director of Urban Hope, Mrs. Broadie, and hang out at their after-school program. When we arrived, they were sitting down to eat together. Mrs. Broadie told us, “we don’t just give these kids an after school snack, we give them a meal.”

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After the meal, they all work on homework together, assisted by trained high school and college volunteers in the Student Leader Program. Once everyone finishes their homework, they get to play cards or board games. The volunteers at Urban Hope have a clear passion for the children and love being there to personally invest in each of them.

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Urban Hope also offers children a summer-long camp so they can avoid the Savannah heat and stay off the streets. Along with monthly family dinners to support family involvement, Urban Hope provides opportunities for students to showcase their talents and skills.

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The attentive staff at Urban Hope rely on the support of the community to provide inner-city and at-risk children a safe, loving atmosphere. With your help, we were able to help Urban Hope expand programs such as cultural and culinary arts, sports, field trips, and community engagement.

For more information, please feel free to contact Cassie, Community Coordinator. or via .

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