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It’s Our Birthday.

We are beyond humbled by the community support we’ve continued to receive over the past two years. It’s been such a rewarding ride for us. The goal has never been to double up our product line year over year, chase huge revenue numbers, or conquer the world. We simply wanted to make a small community-focused design hub that would allow us to share knowledge through writing and digital products. Bringing value in the little ways we can.

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What’s new this year?

Well first off, let us introduce Lauren Davis. She is now the lead on all things Sidecar. She tackles all the day-to-day decisions and handles all the heavy lifting. Whether it’s social media, product mapping, relationship building, etc., she is now the woman in charge! Teaming up with her is Focus Lab head of sales and marketing, Will Straughn. He’s the numbers guy. These two special folks are now helping Sidecar grow in ways it was unable to in previous years. New blood, new energy – yeah, team! Although we still plan on slow, methodical growth for Sidecar, we are excited about these two taking the service and running with it.

Team Sidecar

What new products are on the horizon?

Great question. Product creation is the hardest thing to tackle at Sidecar. Since we are run by the team members of Focus Lab, finding time to create new products can be challenging. We are confident that new products will hit the market from us, but the timing will be looser than it has been in the past.

Now let’s talk about what we’re doing for you!

We’re turning two, and we’re so amped to celebrate our second year serving the design community that we’ve pulled out all the stops. See those awesome brands below? They’ve generously donated a bunch of drool-worthy prizes to the party pot (a total value of more than $8k). This is our biggest giveaway ever, and your chances are looking good. Just register by the end of the day on May 28.

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