Bill Kenney

Here's Looking at Sidecar's 2016

To say that 2016 went by fast would be an understatement. But we did accomplish a few things. We had our first birthday, we donated our first big check to a local organization, and among other things, we just had a great overall second year in business. Here is a little breakdown for you:

Sidecar Endof Year@2X

What Our Goals Were

Our goals for this year were simple. Build some new products, find new ways to reach new customers, and stay close with the design community. We reached all of them. In 2016 we built new products, reached new eyeballs, and have grown even closer with the design community. Most notably, our new private Slack channel has 100+ diverse, happy, hungry, and humble people sharing ideas each day. It’s been a great addition. If you want in, just hit us up.

What We Accomplished

Our highlight of the year was definitely our giving back program. Each year,  we take 5% of all profits and donate it to a single local art program. This was our inaugural year and we were overjoyed to donate a substantial check to Loop It Up Savannah. This program is for children in troubled neighborhoods; helping them specifically has a big impact on our local community. We wrote a nice article sharing the experience.

Giveaway winners

Another program we started was a monthly giveaway. Each month we select a single newsletter subscriber randomly and give them a $150 store credit on Sidecar. So far we have five happy people, totaling $750 in free products! If you want in on this, go ahead and sign up.

Community Love

The design community is our happy place and our driving force. We built this platform to add value to the community, and it’s very rewarding when we get confirmation from our customers. Here is some of our favorite love from 2016:

“Thank you so much for this deliverable template - I made the sale, nailed the branding and I can pay the rent this month!”

“Mate, the style guide was amazing! I used it to present a brand update for a client and they can’t stop talking about it!”

“The template is beautiful, and frankly, a life saver. I'm doing a bit of brand work at way under budget and don't have billable time to do a book from scratch.”

“Many thanks for the time and effort you put into supporting, contributing to, and inspiring the design community. It's all very much appreciated in this quiet but beautiful little corner of England.”

What’s coming in 2017

As always and in a general sense, we want to honor Focus Lab’s Core Standard to “Make It Better.” Part of the fun is being pleasantly surprised by how our progress will manifest. New people we’ll meet and collaborate with, bright new ideas that come out of our teamwork.

But we have some tangible goals in the realms we especially want to rock out.

In addition to more beautifully functional products, we also want to “make new friends and keep the old” engaged in our awesome Slack channel.  And really, when 2018 is around the corner, we want the ultimate reflection of our year to be that we did our part to nurture a happy, humble design community.

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