Bill Kenney

Happy First Birthday, Sidecar!

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We’re another year wiser today, friends. I’m feeling pretty inspired by the milestone, and overcome by all the love you’ve shown us.

Thank you. You’re driving us, helping our creative community feed everyone’s success. Very classy.


In honor of Sidecar’s big day, let me quote another class act who was born in May—the great actor, Sir Ian McKellen:

“There’s more to life than you know and it’s all happening out there. Discover what part you can play and then go for it.”

This reminds me that to become part of something awesome, the first step is showing up to the party. It goes nicely with Sidecar’s mission to pursue purpose with passion as part of a greater context. Plus he’s a knight, so he has total quote cred.

Our first year was basically us showing up to the party, starting to discover the part we can play. We introduced ourselves to you, learned more about who you are and what motivates you. We shared and bonded. We created resources we thought you could use. Thirty-nine products and fifty journal entries later, your encouragement and feedback shaped who we are and what we’re capable of. We’re in this together as a design community that cares.

To that end, we donate 5% of all Sidecar profits to art school programs in Savannah. We made our first donation this year to a local non-profit called Loop It Up Savannah. They focus on bringing creative art experiences to underserved children and families. The funds provide art programming to an after-school program that helps kids create and install public art, like peace poles and murals, in Savannah communities. They were also able to add art classes in two community centers last year.


While the discovery never ends, the coming year will be all about “going for it.” We want to take what we’ve learned and round Sidecar out, focusing more on educational outreach to help level the playing field in the creative community.

We want to push ourselves further, creating wider product variety of ever-higher quality that represent the gifts of our entire team. Branding and communications templates, UI and UX resources, killer design bundles, and so on. We’re stoked to share it all!

We definitely want you to continue talking to us and helping us grow, and vice versa. And we want to make the whole experience easier and more satisfying for you.

This year we’re going for that distinguished look. But don’t worry, we’re always down to party. There’s always more to learn from life, and as Sir Ian says, it’s all happening out there.

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