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Giving Back

If you purchased a Sidecar product in 2015, then you made an impact on children who live with violence in their communities. As part of our mission to give back and support art programs in Savannah, GA, our first donation was made in early 2016 to a local non-profit, Loop It Up Savannah. An amazing organization started in 2008 by the equally amazing Molly Lieberman, Loop It Up brings creative art experiences to underserved children and families of Savannah. Loop It Up offers programing to 5,000+ children annually.

“Be part of something bigger. 5% of all Sidecar profits will be donated to art school programs in Savannah, Georgia, our hometown. So, every purchase you make goes to help a budding creative.”

We sat down with Molly recently to see how the funds assisted in her efforts. With our donation, she was able to launch several new initiatives, including the Peace Pole project and art classes at two community centers.

Loop It Up 1

A partnership between Loop It Up and Olympic weightlifter Kerri Goodrich’s Performance Initiatives, the Peace Pole project provides supplies to children and families of communities affected by gun violence for the construction of peace poles—symbols of love, remembrance, and peace. Each pole stands around five feet tall and is decorated by children from across East Savannah. Many of the children have been directly affected by the violence in their community and know one or several people who have died. This is their way to pay tribute and to encourage a better way. The poles are installed in their neighborhoods and stand tall as a message of peace from the next generation. Check out this link for a video and more information about the work Molly is doing with this project.

Loop It Up Savannah also consistently provides the following throughout the year:

  • Preschool and kindergarten creative arts classes that focus on building each student's toolbox for success in reading, math, social and fine motor development.
  • Elementary School Residency projects, which bring project-based learning into classrooms across the county, supporting required curricula through creative projects that meet students where they are and celebrate their gifts.
  • Children's art programming at community-wide festivals and events.
  • Partnership programs with community centers and organizations throughout the city.
  • Opportunities for women throughout the community to create handmade goods and market them through Handmade Neighborhood, LLC.
Loop It Up 2

Loop It Up relies on the support of the community to bring creative opportunities to the bright, beautiful youth of Savannah that might not have such opportunities. If you are interested in helping support the amazing work Molly and Loop It Up Savannah are doing, feel free to reach out or make a donation to their Go Fund Me Page.

Loop It Up 3

For more information, please feel free to contact Molly Lieberman Founder/Director or via facebook Art Supply donations may be mailed/delivered to their office at Jelinek Creative, 103 N. Fahm Street, Savannah GA 31401.

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