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Checklists Help with Workflow

Hey everyone! This is an awesomely valuable post by our former Team Assistant Juwan Platt. Enjoy!

Working in the creative industry, our minds have to be in top shape and free of clutter in order to consistently deliver great ideas and products. A productivity hack that is generally underrated but that increases productivity tenfold is the checklist. Checklists saves lives (even literally, according to Atul Gawande). Checklists allow me to automate and systematize items in my workflow that are important, but that may not be high in creativity. I use checklists for tasks from organizing my online cloud storage to ensuring that everything in a weekly deliverable is intact. Freeing my mind of non-essential clutter allows me to focus on the work that matters.

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When I begin a task, I write down the desired outcomes I have for it. This keeps my eye on the prize and focused on my goal. I then break down each part of the task into actionable items. I start with the task that is going to bring the most value and proceed down my list. This process allows me to scope out what I need to accomplish and not have to break my flow by questioning myself with “What’s next?”. Checklists allow for clear thinking, higher productivity, and more time for the fun stuff.

“Without an action plan, the executive becomes a prisoner to events.”

- Peter Drucker, The Effective Executive

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