Erik Reagan

Building a Web Shop for Success #tbt

Spoiler alert: you may have read/seen this post already. Tucked into the Focus Lab journal is a lot of valuable information from the past few years of learning and growing. We want to make sure you have access to all the in-our-heads goodies we have to offer. Hence, our Throwback Thursday series, which will post each third Thursday of the month.

In 2013 I was in the speaking lineup for the ExpressionEngine Conference in Portland, OR. Unfortunately I was unable to make it in person. I’m thrilled to say that what kept me back home was that I had a baby boy join the family a few weeks prior. Rather than travel across the country, I stayed home to help out my wife in and around the house.


That didn’t stop me from delivering my presentation. I shot a video of my talk, Building a Web Shop for Success, and sent that along for attendees to see. The bonus is that you get to view it too, for free! I’ve embedded it below and it’s also available on the Focus Lab Vimeo account. Give it a watch and take some notes if you learn something.

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