Bill Kenney

Ahoy, Sidecar

Welcome to Sidecar! We couldn’t be more excited to launch this baby; it’s been an investment of a ton of time, love, and talent. No secrets here, the team at Focus Lab is the brain and brawn behind Sidecar. Why are we doing this? Because we love making stuff and sharing our experiences and talents with our industry and peers.

Ahoy Header

We’ve been in the business for awhile, but we started right where you are. We’re putting to use all the best practices and asset needs we’ve picked up along our journey. And we’re infusing in Sidecar the same passion and creative spirit that we employ at Focus Lab. We hope that somehow, someway, our experience can help in your journey as a designer as well.

Simply put, this is our chance to give back. We built a platform to support the design community with high-quality, cost-conscious design assets, and these products live on a site packed with our experiences and shared knowledge resources, from our team to yours.

We hope you enjoy the site, see value in the shared lessons, and find the design assets to be helpful! Please tell us about your experience and let us know what else you’d like to see. This is just the beginning!

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