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2017 Year in Review

Did 2017 go by fast for anyone else? We can’t believe 2018 is here already. With the new year comes our look back on the last year. But first things first: thank you for supporting us this year. Sidecar had its best year yet and we would not be Sidecar without you.

Eoy 2017 Hero


Our goals always tie back to our mission: we serve the design community. To support that mission, we built some new products, wrote more about our experiences, and fostered our growing Slack channel. 

2017 saw the release of our first two Sketch products and you all loved them. You loved them so much that you catapulted our Sitemapping User Flow Template to one of the best selling products of all time! Our Journal saw new entries that covered entering the design field, finding your client match, managing scope creep, how we do project timelines, and working to live. And finally, our Slack channel doubled in size, which is now over 200 strong. Want to join our community? Just ask.

Be part of something bigger

More than serving the design community, we strive to give back to our local communities. Each year, we take 5% of all profits and donate it to a single local art program. This past year we partnered with Urban Hope Savannah. They offer after-school and summer programs that provide a safe, positive environment for inner-city children. We wrote more about it in our Journal.

Free Digital Brand Guidelines

This year we showed some love to our newsletter subscribers. We built a Digital Brand Guidelines product, which is perfect for branding projects that don’t need a substantial style guide. It includes formats for InDesign, Illustrator, and Sketch—and we gave it away for free to our subscribers. If you’re interested in getting the product, just sign up for our newsletter.

Community Love

Again, we exist in service to the design community. We’re designers ourselves and we built this platform with other designers in mind. We strive to help you grow in your craft, whether it’s through products that make designing easier, or articles that level up your design knowledge. We love hearing how what we do makes an impact in your lives:

“Your packs are saving us! We have a proposal to update aspects of an existing brand so it had to be pretty detailed, and your guides are exactly what we needed.”

“They made the process infinitely less painful than I planned on it being!”

“That article touched on exactly what I was trying to do — take the content from a bunch of very messy artboards and organize it a lucid manner.”

What's coming in 2018

Whether it’s releasing new products, updating existing ones, or writing about how we do, we’re always looking for ways to #makeitbetter. But going into our third full year, we’ve realized Sidecar is growing up a little bit. We’re exploring what that means for the Sidecar brand. And we’ve already started looking at how that affects Sidecar visually.

Beyond that, we’re cooking up something big for 2018. We mean, really big. And we can’t wait to share it with you. We wish you all a healthy and prosperous new year!

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